We have some bad news, but then, some good news: We regret that we have found it necessary to cancel the New Years in New Bern event for New Year's Eve 2018-2019. Here are the reasons that lead to that decision.

Many of our friends and attendees are still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Florence which has affected this year's participation and planning.

Again, as a result of Florence, the hotels that we normally use to accommodate our out of town guests are still in the state of repair and are not available.

The most significant factor is that the City of New Bern recently announced that they are holding a New Years Eve block party at the corner of Pollock and Craven streets, right outside the ballroom. They are blocking off the surrounding streets and are taking the parking lot across from the ballroom to provide a stage for rock bands. This would have resulted in making it extremely difficult for our attendees to park and get to the ballroom. It is also likely that the noise from the bands and crowds would affect our event. When we told some of our friends that we were looking at a decision to cancel, they asked if it might be possible to have a smaller event, on a different date, perhaps on New Year's day itself to welcome the New Year. They suggested it might be more like the date nights we had a number of times in Stanly Hall. It would be less extravagant with lower cost but still an elegant, intimate event. We looked into this possibility with the owners of Stanly Hall and are happy to say that we have come to an agreement for a new event. This will be much more limited so please, sign up now.

Make your reservation now! Click Here. (Limited Quantity Discount Tickets through Dec. 15 $30 tickets)

Stanly Hall Location


Photo Gallery for the 2014 New Years in New Bern Gala Ball (May take a few moments to load)
Photo Gallery for the 2012 New Years in New Bern Gala Ball (May take a few moments to load)
Video of the 2012 New Years in New Bern Gala Ball
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