New Years in New Bern 12/31/2012 - Stanly Hall Ballroom
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Even dancers temporarily off their feet attended.

The 3 Co-hosts welcome the guests.

Photographer Andy suggests a pose.

The Girls make preparations.

Bernie prepares the star walkway.

Surprise Guest Singer Von Lewis.

Surprise Guest Singer Von Lewis.

Singer Von Lewis immortalized in the star walkway.

Von Lewis autographs his s

Setting up the day before.

Making preparations the day before the event.

Ok, we're ready.

Why did you call me over here?

A quick bite before guests arrive.

Panoramic shot of the ballroom ready for the guests.

The boys ready to start the show.

Our lovely ladies wait to greet the first guests.

Penny shows her new heel jewelry.

Cleanup after. 2:30AM

Cleanup after. 2:30AM

The day after cleanup.

The day after cleanup.

Returning the ballroom to normal.

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